Hey, you - if you're a woman who want's to start  investing her money, but doesn't know how to begin, then this is perfect for you!


Do you want to invest for your retirement or other money goals?   


Are you tired of earning next to nothing on your savings accounts? 


Do you think it's too complicated or too stressful?


WELL, If you can build a healthy meal PLAN with Protein, Carbs and Fats then you can learn to build an investment mix with a few Index Funds!


You know you need to be investing for your future but it seems overly complicated and will take a lot of time to learn....   

And you've probably found yourself turned

off  by all that financial jargon that leaves people cold!

  • Maybe you don't understand the basics so you don't even know where to start?
  • Or you think it will take a lot of money to get started?
  • Perhaps, you tried investing before but it didn't work out the way you expected.
  • And worst of all, you don't know who to trust to go to for advice.

Hi! I'm Debra Ohstrom, CFA

I have worked in the Financial Industry for over 25 years at firms such as Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Allianz Global Investors.  I'VE earned an MBA in Finance and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. 

Women continue to fall behind when it comes to Retirement planning and Financial Health and the Financial Advice Industry doesn't seem to be serving women very well. 

 With my extensive experience in the Industry, I  want to bring this knowledge directly to you so you can take control of your finances as quickly as possible and achieve the life you deserve.  

By creating educational courses, I can help all women make good financial decisions and never have to Blindly Trust anyone anymore. 

As Seen In: 

Imagine if...

  • You understand investing over the long term and can feel confident in your decisions.
  • You finally have clarity on what to expect with investing and understand the relationship of risk and return  (Without getting nervous during down markets).
  • You could finally have peace of mind knowing you are on the right track.
  • You no longer had that gut wrenching feeling of missing out when you read the latest news about the stock market returns.

What if it was all done for you - What if someone cut through all the jargon and confusing information and made it easy to follow and get started?  What if you had a step-by-step guide on how to determine the right investments for you?  

WHAT IF Building your Investment Mix was as easy as building a Healthy meal Plan?

If you can build a healthy meal plan then you can build your Investment mix. 

It's easier then ever and Not taking steps to take care of your financial health isn't optional.  

It's not your fault that they don't teach this information in school (unless your a finance major in college.) 


Twist the knife a bit more here, talk about the problem, but then reassure them it's not their fault. Mauris pellentesque eget lorem malesuada wisi nec, nullam mus. Mauris vel mauris. Orci fusce ipsum faucibus scelerisque.

WHAT IF I HANDED YOU THE KEYS TO finally understand finance and investing.

Whether you think it will take too much time to learn or aren't sure who to trust, I get it.  I am not promising a get rich quick scheme.

I've removed all the non-essential details to get you up to speed as quickly as possible and once you learn some of the basics of investing, it won't seem complicated anymore.  You can start taking actions and set yourself up to reach the goals you desire.

Imagine having a plan to to guide you into your secure future, investing with confidence and taking advantage of those short periods of down markets.

Get started now ➡


This course unlocks the mystery of investing according to your money goals.


Finally,  a step by step course to walk you through  investing in Index Funds - without needing to be a math nerd or wasting your TIME.

If you Understand how to Divide Calories into Proteins, Carbs and Fats then I can teach you how to Divide Your Investment Account into Stocks Bonds and Cash.


By the end of The Keys to Investing,

you'll be able to:


  • How easy it is to define different money goals and build the right investment mix for each.   Different goals may need a different plan and you can know how to match the two together.  
  • Finally understand what the biggest mistakes are when investing and how to avoid them.  Avoiding these can save you thousands of dollars over time. 
  • Know when to make adjustments as time goes by so that your investment mix is always right for you.
  • Access to portfolio templates at different risk levels to understand how to create the right mix for you. 
  • And even if you don't want to implement it yourself, all of this knowledge means you don't have to Blindly Trust Anyone anymore. You will be in control and asking the right questions of your Financial Advisor from now on.  


                           And you'll be able to achieve all of this with one extra invaluable resource... ME!

The Truth is investing has gotten easier over time. You don't need to pick individual stocks in order to be successful and it can be a similar Process to building a Healthy Meal Plan.   I show you how!


You're going to



6  Modules   

Six  modules and handouts to give you straight forward training in easy to understand terms.   This isn't about picking stocks but building a mix of Index Funds as your Core Investment mix. 

   2 Bonus VIDEO

 Two Bonus videos that give you a deeper dive into some of the topics if you are a Nerd like me and want more details. 

Monthly Live FB Sessions

Bring your questions or learn from others during these Live FB trainings.  I go over different topics on the Modules and Bonus Videos to reinforce all the learning materials. 

Online Investing Walk-thru

A video walk-thru of investing through an online account in the Bonus Section. This is for everyone who wants to see how to invest in an online account and understand all the terms when making an investment.  


Lifetime membership to the Facebook Group to give you the support you need and your questions answered.

Portfolio        Templates        

 To make sure you have all that you need, there are Three Sample Investment Portfolios for Different Risk and Money Goals that you can use as a guide to create the best mix for you.

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"The Keys to Investing course makes everything so easy to understand.  I feel confident now in my investments and this is hands down the best course to start learning about investing I have seen! " 

Diane Castonguay

Success Story

The Keys to Investing 

Six Modules and additional Bonus tutorials to get you started investing with confidence and without the jargon so you have the tools to build the secure financial future you deserve. 

  • Now you can understand the difference between trading and investing.
  • Learn how professionals group investments together a certain way.
  • You can finally know the differences between Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds and which might be better for you.
  • How investment categories behave over time.
  • How Building Your Investment Mix is like Building a Healthy Meal Plan
  • Portfolio Samples and ETF lists to get started right away.
GET THE KEYS to Investing Course

Get your hands on the  process to build your investment portfolio for less than you spend on your monthly grocery bill.

This course doesn't exist anywhere else and I put it together so you can get up to speed as quickly as possible. 


One thing I know is this:

That savings accounts aren't earning enough interest to grow your money for a secure retirement.   Most people aren't taking control of their financial future and putting actions into place to grow their money over time.  This isn't a get rich quick scheme so it's the people who can take a small amount of time to learn something new and put it into action will reap the rewards when they are older. 

Seriously, it really is much easier than you think!


You are capable of taking control of your finances, but if you are wondering how to step forward then The Keys to Investing training is your answer.

FOR JUST $397 you receive Six Modules and Two Bonus modules, So YOU COULD BE UP on the right Track Before you Know it.

It's all broken down into understandable concepts that everyone can learn and put into place.



“I wish I had this information sooner. I would have done some things differently. Debra makes it easily understandable for people who don’t know the language of finance and even makes me laugh!"

--Jacqui CIanci, age 34

Let's Talk Modules

The breakdown

The Groundwork

  • How Financial Planning & Investing Fit Together.
  • Learn how Compounding and Time grows real WEALTH
  • Understanding Money Goals and Money Buckets.  

Breaking it Down

  • What Exactly are Bond & Stock Investments
  • How Investors Put them Into Groups
  • Learn how Risk & Return Go Hand in Hand.

Investment Categories and Indexes

  • Indexes and History are the Key
  • Mix and Match your Indexes to get to your goals 
  • Learn how to handle Down Markets




Putting it Together

Learning the difference between Mutual Funds & ETFs (exchange traded funds) 

Learn Your Risk Appetite & the Sliding Scale




Portfolio Templates

  • See Three Examples of investment portfolios based on different Money Goals.




Taking Action

  • Video Training For On-Line Buying and Selling of ETFs
  • How to Read Mutual Fund and ETF Factsheets
  • What are Target Date ETFs and how they make it all easy. 


The Keys to Investing gets you from A to Z in record time. This is your ticket out of overwhelm and into confidence

Let's get you started!

Not only will you get instant access to all the course materials, but you'll also get any future updates I throw in! 

But wait, there is more to love.  

Let's really fast-track your success!
  • BONUS 1 --> A tutorial on sustainable investing, what it means and the different types for those who want to put their money where their values are. 
  • BONUS 2 --> Another Tutorial on Investment Sectors and Themes to take your investing to another level!

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Have you ever wished you knew something sooner?  

Did you ever think that if you had known something earlier you might have made a different decision?

Well now with this course you can see how easy it is to start investing with a few hundred dollars a month and build the nest egg you always wanted.